Saturday, May 16, 2009

Full day!

Not that the events of my day are highly entertaining material, but in case you have nothing better to do...
Met a friend for breakfast at 6:30am.
Ran a few errands and made it back with half an hour to spare before meeting up with some new friends for a a little adventure. (Just enough time to get sunscreen on, water bottles filled, apples washed and gathered up, and everyone generally ready to go.) Had fun playing in the water in the wash and getting to know each other a bit.
Came home for lunch and had a message on our machine about an armed forces day at the airport. Since little G has been really into this lately, I offered to take him over to check it out (after cooling off a bit at home first). It was toasty at the airport today!
G and I ran a little errand afterward, and drove past Big 5 on the way. I said, “They’re having a sidewalk sale today.” He replied, “They’re selling the sidewalk?!?!?”
Came home made fajitas for dinner (between all the sun and cutting the onions up for that, my eyes are tired!), while the kids played outside and helped Geoff cut a tree down.
After baths and dinner, found this scene on the couch.

And now I'm going to cut Geoff's hair.
It was a FULL day, but a GOOD day.
Tomorrow we start all over again!

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  1. Sounds like a fun and exhausting day for all!