Saturday, May 30, 2009

A book for moms

When my parents came to visit earlier this month, my mom handed me the book God's Whisper in a Mother's Chaos, which I just finished reading. It was a pretty easy read - about right for a busy mom. All the rankings/reviews of it on Amazon (if you click on the title in this post, it will take you there and you can read them for yourself) gave it 5 stars. It was good and worth checking out, though I wouldn't necessarily tell someone: "You must go buy this one!!!" It would be a good gift to give a friend who is a mother (and who doesn't have a lot of extra time to read). I think my favorite chapters were the last two on solitude and listening to God. The author, who is right there in this stage of life herself, did a good job of giving a gentle nudge to stay connected to God in little ways, without laying on more guilt for not doing so.

A humorous/ironic moment: I was trying to read this one day in the car (Geoff was driving) with 4 people talking at me. (Perhaps God was whispering, "Put the book down and pay attention to your family.")

As soon as another copy can be obtained, I hope to host a give-away of this book.

*Side note: I was inspired by Emily to list the books I have actually read this year. She is way ahead of me, though once I get all the ones we've read for school listed there it may be closer! A benefit of doing this, I have noticed, is that it is motivating me to read, and to actually finish books that have been in progress for a while...


  1. Sounds like a good book. I don't get to read much other than the Bible these days because of my life at this stage. Hi, my name is Jenifer Harrod.
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  2. I love when I finish a book and get to add it to my sidebar! Since you do a lot of read alouds to your little kids, I'd recommend 1 list for kid books and 1 for adult books. That way if other teacher/moms want to see what you'd recommend to read to kids, they can see it there easily.

    I like your new's crisp and clean!