Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The things they will say

"Hey B! We're having more funner!" (Direct quote from 4yo, a few minutes ago.)

And yesterday, prior to and on the walk:
"This is the first miracle of the spring!" B's comment about a tulip blooming - we've been reading Miracle on Maple Hill.
"This is the second miracle!" B's comment about a pansy that survived the winter and was blooming.

Currently, #1 and #3 are in the backyard playing in water on this day that the cold wind has finally ceased to blow. On that note, it was not especially shorts weather yesterday on that walk, but certain people insisted and even claimed to be "hot."

"Can people who go in other people's houses when they're not home go to jail?"
"Yes, possibly."
"Well, why didn't Goldilocks go to jail?"
(conversation with 4yo in the car this evening)


  1. I love the thoughts of kids! It is quite the amusement and really is precious!

  2. Too funny! I honestly miss those days... As mine get older, the questions get harder. =/