Monday, January 12, 2009

Another (salvaged) high-altitude baking misadventure

There is a sense of deja vu while writing this post. Like this has been discussed before. Oh well, it's life.
This is a cake baked at high altitude. (Kind of like the roads at high altitude this time of year.)
It is the beginnings of a cake for a birthday. I needed to bake a second batch for this particular creation, and decided to try a different approach from my usual one of filling in the craters with icing (which is kind of nasty to eat, IMO). So I made two cake batter "cookies" approximately the size of the holes.Here they are in place prior to being frosted:
The finished product:
Her first sight of it:

It was all worth it for that, right?

And there isn't a picture of it after it was cut, but if you didn't know, you wouldn't even notice that anything had ever been amiss!


  1. Tiffani, you are one incredible woman! Love the beautiful cake and love seeing how clever you are to get it like that!

  2. your cakes are always amazing! I would have LOVED my mom to bake me such a princess cake when I was a kid. LOVED.

  3. Impressive! You have quite the artistic touch, and very clever at salvaging!