Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving and...

These two are "web surfing." The idea came from a "Miss Spider" video, but the pun is lost on them as they aren't up on that terminology. The "webs" are more popsicle-glue gun creations.Some Thanksgiving day festivities. Here L is cutting up the bread for the stuffing. Yes, I realize that at least one of you have nearly lost a digit using that knife or one identical to it, but you may remember a post a while back about her caution while cutting due to the necessity of preserving the sucking thumb. She has a little extra motivation for keeping at least that particular finger.
Playing Zooreka while lunch cooks:Some pumpkin cookies that we didn't need, but are really good. (Perhaps someone is reading this who remembers a particularly giddy Bible study gathering - possibly in Wendy's or Rita's dorm room - where these cookies were involved.)