Wednesday, October 29, 2008

School delays, violin, and soccer-related craftiness

Perhaps this is why school takes so long on any given day:
Or this could be another reason...maybe we'll call it PE and then it IS school:
That was the three-legged version, and here is the four:Friday night was their first violin recital of the fall. B played Musette. This was an "after" shot. I fear distracting them taking pictures during their performances. Here is G playing Lully Gavotte:
I finally had a reason to make these:

These aren't nearly as cute as the ones on the link, but I had to make 23. One child had to take snacks and I talked her into these instead of Gatorade, which was going to involve a trip to the store. The other two saw them and insisted that they had to take some for their teams as well.


  1. LOL! We get those distractions, too. And mine are older. =P

    I ove that yours are taking violin. It doesn't exist in our area... =/

    The craft idea is awesome!

  2. Ha ha ha, glad to see that our house is not the only one with those kinds of distractions! In that picture, your daughter looks very much like you did in can decide if I mean in looks or activity! hee hee. Thanks for the water bottle idea. That is adorable. We will have to make some of those sometime...just need to find a good excuse to do it now. :)

  3. P.S. I mentioned your tarantula on our blog. :)