Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tiger by the tail

...a phrase used by my mom in relation to my youngest a few years back. For the most part, the tiger is tame and fairly harmless, but when she's not...

And last night before soccer practice she was NOT.

This was taken on Sunday, once we got her to stop crying (mostly about wearing the socks, as far as I can tell) and get out on the field. I'm dying to know what she was telling her coach.

She is the picture of cuteness and sweetness, but if you look at/in those eyes, I think there is a bit of fire.

At this point in the battle over the soccer socks, the score is:

Tiger 1, Mom 1. But both of us have the "resolve to endure" (a phrase recently used by a friend in relation to home schooling, and worthy on that note of another post, but fitting for this situation as well), and it would surprise me if the battle is over at this point.

I've still got a hold of the tail.


  1. Hang in there. Grab that tiger by the tail.

  2. She's about as cute as they come. Peanut sized is right!

  3. So, what is the battle over the socks? Does she not want to wear them or does she want to wear all the time?

    Andrew refs YMCA soccer league and and has to check cleats, socks and shin guards every game.

    A couple of weeks ago he reffed a
    U6 game for the first time. He said it was cute but worse than herding cats.

    Please know other schooling option are fraught (I don't use that word much) with issues. Being a mom is hard work!

    Love to all there,


  4. Oh my! She is too adorable. No offense, but my money's on her to win! LOL!

  5. This really captured a view into a kid--and a cute one at that! I love how you write. By the way, what kind of camera do you have? Your picts. are really crisp and nice. Love you.