Saturday, September 13, 2008

If you like Indian (East) food, you might enjoy this Indian Chicken recipe for the CrockPot. I just finished the last of the leftovers (um, yeah, it is 11:15pm - don't ask - too long of a story).

Sorry, no pictures. I have been catching some flack lately from the fam (mostly the younger generation) for taking pictures of food. Hasn't stopped me though!

For example, a few nights ago, we made mint chocolate chip ice cream in this nifty ice cream freezer we inherited a while back. While it IS quite handy and simple and nice, it is a real challenge to put together and take apart. As a matter of fact, Geoff has to do it. My mom has a different version that is much simpler to assemble (and is electric). But we "beggars can't be choosers," right? Especially when we only make ice cream once every year or two.

Example #2:

Guess what this is.

Hint: We ate it for breakfast.

Give up yet?

Peanut butter pizza. Really. It has a pizza crust, topped with a mixture of peanut butter, honey, and raisins.

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  1. It all looks good!

    But the pizza is fascinating....