Friday, September 5, 2008

The flurry

Between starting school (finishing our 3rd week today - wahoo), weekends that have been packed to the gills, and that other distraction I mentioned a while back, I haven't been on here as much the past few weeks.

I have been wanting to work on our pictures from the summer - finish ordering them, getting them in an album, and "scrapbooking" some of them to tell the stories, as well as some other little crafty gifts, cards, and so forth. But I have resisted doing any of that till I finish a certain pioneer dress that was started...well, over a year ago anyway. So here is the public proclamation (and hence a bit of accountability) that I am going to finish it this weekend so it is behind me and so that the future wearer of it will still be able to fit in it when it is done!!! Check back for pictures in a few days. Fortunately we have a "free" morning tomorrow, so if I'm able to use that time... It is also time to start thinking about Christmas gifts - especially any that need to be made - to avoid the last minute craziness.

I'll try to post something interesting, including photos, later this weekend! Perhaps our jungle-like tomato plants (that only have 1 - 2" diameter tomatoes, and are only about a week out from the first frost). Had to wear long pants yesterday for the first time in months, and sweatshirts in the mornings for a few weeks now. We've even had to close the windows at night because it is getting too cold!


  1. I'm angry at my tomatoe (tomato?) plants - now after 2 full months in the ground they decided to start sprouting a gazillion tomatos -doubtful any of them will reach maturity before frost. Any recepies for green tomatos other than fried?

  2. our weather is crazy here too!

    now go sew. :)

  3. Here's hoping you had a productive weekend!

    I would love a little bit of your cooler temps. It's still really hot here.