Saturday, August 9, 2008

Boy having a "blast!"

G won a gift certificate to Bookman's in a drawing at the library for the summer reading program. Besides used books, they sell a variety of other used (and sometimes new) things there. He found quite a treasure today. Just for reference, little G is nearly 5 feet tall. Here is the best video of it (but not the best launch):

Um, those were power lines it bounced off of on the way down...and yeah, it was raining.

Preparing it for lift-off (100-plus pumps) should help out the Popeye muscles he's working on with the wheat grinding:

A view of lift-off:

It's called a Super Soaker Monster Rocket. It took a while to work out a few kinks, but it appears he's got it in good working order now. He discovered that he had to have the rocket fully inflated for it to go up. Geoff declared this was the ideal Arizona rocket - no sparks to light the forest on fire. These videos don't quite do it justice, but maybe he'll give you a demonstration in person if you stop by sometime.


  1. I won't be stopping by anytime soon. but love the videos...almost like I was back in Flag.

  2. Wow! That thing is huge!
    Looks like a lot of fun....