Monday, August 4, 2008

A bit more

One last tidbit to remember our farm visit. We saved some of the wheat from the neighbor's field and hauled it home in a box with great grandma's wheat grinder. (The curbside check-in guy asked me TWICE what was in the box. Surely people check weirder things than wheat grinders!)

Anyway, here is little G fishing out the dried up grasshoppers, chaff, and whatnot.

And here he is grinding it.

Much of this and he'll have arm muscles like Popeye!

The first relative to comment or email me regarding this post, may find a loaf (or mini loaf) of bread priority mailed to their doorstep. (Sorry to limit it to relatives, but I'm not so sure that anyone else could appreciate the brick-like qualities of such bread without the pleasant memories of making and eating it with Grandma H. But if you're not a relative and are the first to leave a really convincing argument about why I should send a little loaf your way, you might get lucky, as long as little G's arms don't give out.)

My aunt was telling me about going to visit her grandparents in southern Indiana when she was a little girl and how they didn't have electricity and her mom would have to cook everything without it. Sure would love to have the details of that story. I have grown to love and appreciate history much more as an adult.

There is way too much to be done around the house to be sitting here indulging in blog time.


  1. Wow! What an awesome experience for your kids....

    I still remember churning butter with my grandmother when I was little. She bought a churn just for us to have that chance!

  2. I believe I am the first relative to comment. I can still taste the bread. . .I used to eat it at Grandma's for breakfast. She would spread it with Hellman's mayonnaise and thick slices of homegrown tomatoes. I am sure this is the taste of heaven. One of my other favorites is Grandma's bread toasted with butter and Grandma's homemade black rasberry jelly. (I don't suppose you have some of that to send along also! Ha!)

    I am glad another generation is experiencing grinding wheat!

    More later, Sarah

  3. Darn, Sararh beat me to it! MMMM...I remember eating that wheat bread and black raspberry jelly for dessert! I spent many a time giving that wheat grinder a whirl myself! Time marches on!


  4. Tiffany? Is it working? It's Patti -