Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another garage sale, tortoise, and violin

Today we loaded up everything from our previous garage sale and hauled it all in to Geoff's work, set it up again, and gave it another try. It went a little better this time, but there was still tons left over. We gave much of it to his coworkers' and students' families. Here the kids are playing with some of the children of one of Geoff's students at the Indian Bible College. They have a fascinating heritage - they are from Supai, which is in the bottom of part of the Grand Canyon. You can read about it in this very interesting book (which I checked out at the library): Here we are picking up and checking out a tortoise. Interesting pet!Last night the kids had a little, informal, outdoor, group, violin recital.

1 comment:

  1. An Indian Bible College??!! How cool is that!
    I'd love to go and help there... LOL!

    Looks like the recital went well!