Friday, July 25, 2008

Quotes for the day

Here are a few favorite quotes from the epilogue of the Billy & Dave book mentioned yesterday. These were from Dave's journals.
My mom really loves me. She is really in my corner. She is a big help to me. It gives a man a lot of strength to have a good mother. She is a very wonderful woman.
That one really made me think about what kind of a mom I am being for my kids. Would they say that about me? Will they be able to say that about me someday?

You are never alone with Jesus Christ in your life. He is the ultimate person, the best friend one can have. He is the ultimate source of security, ,of love and peace. He is so great and so strong. He is always able to help you, and what's more, he doesn't mind doing it. He is such a wonderful, wonderful Savior. To know you won't ever have to be alone, with Jesus Christ there, is perhaps the most profound of life's blessings. I have experienced a lot of closeness, and the mercy of Christ's ongoing presence and ministry.

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  1. Great quotes!
    The first is what all of us moms should be aiming for!
    And the second?
    The best foundation possible!