Friday, July 4, 2008

Pit Bull Poster Child

This is a potentially controversial topic, but this dog (Brandy) is the reason we came close to adopting a pit bull of our own prior to the adoption of Sparky. (We even brought one home for a week and if she hadn't still been a puppy - rambunctious and chewing - or for our insurance, which doesn't cover certain breeds of dogs, or our friends, who would probably never come over again due to the fear factor involved with the breed, probably would have kept her.)
Actually, we don't really know Brandy's pedigree. She was a stray who showed up here at the farm when she was full-grown but still a puppy behaviorally. A visitor or vet told my parents that they thought she was a pit bull. She is the sweetest dog I have ever seen. She has never once shown aggression - as a matter of fact, we were having a discussion the other night about whether or not she would even protect any of us if we were ever threatened. We decided she was more likely to lick the attacker to death. She takes up about half of the kitchen floor, which is where she spends about 85% of her time. Rough life, huh?
Check out that linoleum - vintage - early 1970's. I'll be posting lots of "vintage" objects during our time here.

If you pull into our parents driveway with your window down, she may get in the car with you, and is even capable of jumping into open pickup truck windows. My dad used to leave his truck windows open but she was scratching the door up too much jumping in and out of it all the time. Riding in the truck with Grandpa (my dad) is one of her all time most favorite things, but it sort of complicates driving because she likes to be in his lap or have her paw on his leg or arm while doing so. Anyway, she has been B's best bud here since she was about 3, when Brandy had settled down a little and B was big enough that they weren't face to face.
She helped herself to a snack of rat poison about three years ago that nearly did her in, and made everyone very sad.

Here she is taking a swim in the cows' watering tank in the back pasture:
This is NOT the poster child for Scotties, but she had a rough start in life. She is the most timid little thing, but has done very well with the kids in spite of it.
Don't you think these two make cute little farm girls?

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  1. I so love your farm pictures. Keep them coming. What a super place to spend the summer for your kids.