Sunday, June 22, 2008


After a big trip the week prior to this past one, staying up too late too many nights this week, and standing outside in the sun for about 3 hours this afternoon, I am semi-comatose. You, my few faithful blog readers, will have to wait (with baited breath, I'm sure) another day or two for anything profound - or even remotely interesting or sensible! I'll try to get to bed early, and hope no one has a bloody nose in the middle of the night again tonight, and then maybe a few more neurons will be firing on the morrow.


  1. Bloody nose? Middle of the night? Wow! And all we do here is sleep at night! LOL!

    Hope you get some rest...

  2. I'm thinking that if the books take over too much, the kids can sleep outside??!! =P

    Here at home it's M-26, F-18, F-12.
    I was going to say "boy and girl" but the 26-yr old doesn't get really happy over that! We have 2 relatives that have used the phrase "growing boy" in reference to him. He's 6'2". And my laughter never seems to help! =D

    Have you rested up?

  3. I went to Kentucky for the weekend and came home exhausted! I laid down on Monday for a quick nap and woke up 4 hours later! (you probably don't have that luxury at your house, huh?)