Monday, April 14, 2008

Wanted: Fairy godmother of

...home schooling

to wave magic wand and give greater competency in each of those areas.
That is all the explanation I can give for now other than to say that it was sort of a rough day around here, and starting Wednesday afternoon we have a solidly booked schedule through till Monday morning.

The lingering effects of the cold are still bothersome. Hopefully those dwindle significantly in the next 48 hours.

Enjoyed this post about the importance of reaching out to and serving others instead of sitting around thinking about and feeling sorry for ourselves - something I have to constantly remind myself. And also make an effort not to be SO busy or scheduled that it is too stressful to do things for or with others when the need or occasion arises.

It has felt recently like it might be possible to add some small area of service or ministry to my plate in the coming months (not this weekend). There are some thoughts on this percolating, but I'm also waiting for God to give some direction. It seems like there are always hundreds of needs in so many areas - getting more involved with Geoff's students, at church, etc.

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  1. I only did 1 hour of school yesterday.

    THAT's how my day was. :) Feel better?