Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Toilets and a giveaway...

We have lived here for over 9 years now. During that time, my resourceful husband has tried (on an almost monthly basis it seems) over and over to fix the toilets which have not worked properly since Day 1. He is a trooper. And so are any of you who have used the guest facilities at our home and linger there while you waited and worked through three separate flushing and filling procedures before being done with it. Embarrassing no matter how you look at it!



This baby WORKS!!! It is the jet engine of private home water closet accessories. Little lightweight L better hang on or she's going get whisked away. Let me tell you I jumped the first few times I flushed it. (And it only has to be flushed once. Have we entered modern times or what???) If you're nerdy &/or an engineer, (like certain adult males at our house, but I won't mention names) you can even go online and watch a video of how its pressurized tank and flushing system operates here. A side bonus is that it only uses 1/3 of the water, which in this high desert climate where we pay dearly for every gallon, will hopefully pay off in time.

Toilet hugger...
Here he is in action starting on model number two.This one is going to require a little more effort as there is some tile repair work involved. Number three will be replaced in a few days. The first (old) one is on our back deck. (?) The kids wanted to play in it today. (???) Here is the one shown above in its current location - our driveway. We don't have to worry about an HOA.What do you think? Three discarded toilets spaced attractively around the exterior of our home. Birdbaths? Planters? Sandboxes? Or we could arrange them in a circle and sit for a chat with the neighbors in the front yard.

Not sure what the prize will be yet, but we'll think of something (3 toilets on your doorstep perhaps). Leave your best idea for a name for the new model or suggestions for what to do with the old ones and the five of us plus my parents who are coming for a visit later this week will pick one - probably the one that makes us laugh the most - on Monday.


  1. I don't want to be included in a toilet contest. :)

    And I'm sure that on the video, the men installing it are wearing slippers. HAHAHA. The things we do on our blogs to tease our husbands. Aren't we nice? Mine had a frog over his face...sigh.

    I tagged you, go to my blog and see. I bet you'll get traffic from it. :)

  2. obviously discarded toilets will make awesome playthings for your kids. imagine, no more fighting over who can be king.

  3. Let it be known that when you have an item, like a toilet, that is no longer in use, do what Okie's do, put it out in the yard and if you are really creative, plant flowers in the toilet bowl. haha :) Remember, those toilet parts can come in handy sometime. Candee

  4. Your children can play that they are a royal family (king, queen and princess!) and each have a throne! Ok, that was corny, sorry. I think I need sleep! :)