Saturday, April 5, 2008

LL Fort Hawaii

Our living room has been a WWII staging area this week, though we haven't gotten to that in history yet (next year) so they don't know that's what it is. We finally had to destroy the layout so we could use the living room for other things.

Here are the White Chocolate Chip Cranberry scones we had for breakfast today. They don't look like much but the kids said they tasted like cookies. I ate one but don't know why I wasted the calories because I can't taste a thing. This cold has me feeling pretty cruddy. The family who gave it to me let me know that I can probably expect to feel that way for several more days. Ugh.

Little G went to his first, kids' fiddle session today. There's a couple here in town that works with kids weekly and monthly teaching them how to "jam" as they call it, with a variety of instruments. He said he liked it OK but would like it better if he knew someone there. Hopefully his friend who has a mandolin will be able to join us next time.

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  1. I'd love anything that invovled choclate chips for breakfast. Remember when Gail made us choclate chip pancakes?
    Hope you cold surprises you and makes it's exit early

    Patti ;)