Monday, March 10, 2008

musings on life with a 3yo

Each time we have gone through the 3 year-old phase, I've wondered, "Is this a taste of what is to come when they are a teenager?" Sassy, testing their independence, seeming almost to have fluctuating hormones. Before going on, I must say that she is adorable and charming (most of the time) besides all the following.

Have you ever tried to play the game Clue with a 3 year-old? (And a 6yo, 8yo, and a dad who is talking on the phone at the same time?) No, probably not, because you are probably wiser than that. Call it chaos-in-a-box, or how-to-make-the-parents-wish-it-were-bedtime-already, or whatever you'd like.

What about a 3yo who still needs, but hasn't had, a nap? There you have emotions on a string, and a recipe for mommy and daddy to "lose it." (Oh, I mean, us? Lose it? Uh...wish it weren't so.)

We went for a family hike in the red rocks on Saturday. How about a 3yo who is part mountain goat let loose on a fairly steep incline (and long) of solid rock? Between her and the 6yo, that would be called "stopping mommy's heart/giving her an adrenaline rush several times an hour." (Mommy got treated to dinner later for her good sportsmanship.) She (the 3yo) said several times in a very serious tone of voice, "I am a very, very good hiker." Apparently we need to work on humility around here.

definition of pixie from Webster's: "a fairy, elf, or other tiny supernatural being, esp. one that is puckish"
definition of puckish: "full of mischief, impish"

Except for the "supernatural" part, pixie would describe her fairly well, esp. the past several days. Good thing she is so darn cute to go along with it!
Added note: 3yo just said (in baby talk), "I love my mommy and daddy because they're my sweet precious things that take care of me." Gotta' love her. Of course she doesn't always feel that way!!!

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